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Identity search and protection

A modern platform for law enforcement and professionals to search over 2.1 billion identities and protect designated identities.

Currently only available to law enforcement agencies

Search faster

Everything you need to find almost any identity

Easily search billions of identities to quickly find the person and information you are looking for. Our platform is constantly searching the dark web and clear web, ensuring you have the latest data available.

Lightning Results

Searching billions of identity records does not need to be slow or difficult. Our platform puts this massive dataset at your fingertips.

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Identity Overview

Get information like phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, and much more. Everything you need to make your investigation successful.

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Frequently Updated

We constantly crawl both clear and dark web to ensure you have the most up to date information available.

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Staying safe made easy

Powerful identity protection

The world is full of hackers constantly trying to expose your personal information or steal your identity, and sometimes your work can increase the risk. This is why we give you powerful tools that automatically work to protect you.

Attack malicious sources.
Any time we find a source that has sensitive information, we ensure the information is removed by any means necessary.
Military grade encryption.
All data is encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit (HTTPS / TLS), including communications.
Constant monitoring.
Scans are constantly refreshed to ensure an instant response time to any updates or new information.
Advanced digital fingerprint.
We can recognize the appearance of specific data in any data source, allowing us the analyze large datasets quickly.
Powerful processes.
Our advanced pipeline can process any type of data the clear or dark web uses, giving us incredible coverage.
Bulletproof backups.
Numerous redundancies are in place to ensure the platform is always up and safeguarding you.

Our track record

Trusted by thousands of agencies and professionals worldwide

The platform is used by law enforcement, private investigators, and other professionals to find information and protect identities. Our focus on building the best platform has allowed us to become the most trusted identity search platform.

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